Audition FAQ

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  1. Can I make a change or update my application?

You do not have the option to edit or update the submitted application


  1. Do I have any disadvantage for not enclosing a video with my application?

Enclosing a video is an option. You will not be at any disadvantage for it.


  1. Where will the audition be held?

The location for the audition will be notified through text messages to those auditionees who passed the first-round.


  1. When will the result for the first-round of auditions be announced?

The result for the audition will be announced as soon as the decisions are released by the auditioners.  If we have more participants, we will continue to announce the results until the day before the audition.


  1. I cannot attend the audition at the location I’ve selected. Would it be possible to change my preferred audition location?

Write the applicant’s name, the selected original location and the new audition location you would like to change to via email and we will try to update the information.  Please fill out the application completely and correctly.


  1. What should I prepare for my live audition?

-Voice / rap performance – first verse: without accompaniment

-Dance: Bring your own choice of music. Maximum of 1-2min.

-Acting:  Your own choice

-Modeling:  3 different Walking and posing


  1. Do I need to prepare for my introduction?

You don’t need to prepare for that.  You only need to do your required performance.


  1. When will the live audition result be announced?

We will contact only selected candidates within 2 weeks after completing all the live audition.


  1. What should I wear to my audition?

Please dress appropriately for the audition. Simple and neat attire is a safe bet.  Choose clothing that shows you at your best and present a groomed appearance. Please avoid wearing too much makeup, color contact lens or fancy accessories.


If you have any questions about the audition process that have not been addressed in this FAQ page, feel free to contact us at We may not respond to your questions if they are already provided in FAQ.

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